Why hire a professional carpet cleaner?

                                                        TIME, COST, QUALITY

How do you want to spend your Saturday? Hop in the car drive 10 minutes, find a place to park 2 minutes. Now you go into the store spend 15 minutes to find, rent and check out the rug doctor( or any other portable carpet cleaning machine). 5 minutes to get it into the car. Now drive home 10 minutes and unload. Another 15 minutes to get it set up and read the chemical directions. So now we are just shy of 1 hour and we haven’t even cleaned a single inch of carpet.

Now you spend the next 4 hours cleaning your carpets, with luke warm water, weak suction and inferior cleaning results. Pack the whole thing up and take back. Lets say 30 minutes for this whole process.  Throw in a lunch break and you have spent 6 hours cleaning your carpet.

Now lets factor in the cost. $10 in gas, $20 in cleaning chemicals, $24 to rent the machine. So we are now at around $60.  What is your time worth?  Lets say you make $20 an hour at your job.  So factor in another $120. We are now at $180 for the carpet cleaning.

The final thing is the results. You now have wet carpet with marginal cleaning. What else could you have done with that Saturday?

A professional carpet cleaner is going to show and be able to provide a better product, much quicker and for around the same cost. The scenario above is based on cleaning around 700 square feet of carpet. If you are doing 1500 -2000 square feet of carpet with a rug doctor you are going to be at it all weekend. The professional carpet cleaner is going to leave your carpets drier, healthier and cleaner then you can.

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